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Welcome to Venu's Dental

Our Mission
At Sri Tirumala  Venu's Dental we take great pride in seeing our patients in a high-tech, high-quality environment that makes all members of your family feel comfortable.
Dr Venu Gopal

Dr Venu Gopal

At Venu Dental, we believe in making our patients feel at home when they visit our practice. Myself and my entire staff like to personalize your dental care experience. This means doing more than just helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful tooth.

Dr. Venu Gopal and enthusiastic staff is well trained in working with families. Our patient-centric practice means patients are happy as well as our staff—and this leads to a more efficient, productive practice.

We get to know everyone who comes to our office and we go the extra mile to educate you about how to maintain your oral health. We strive to create a positive atmosphere that is always relaxed and welcoming…

“Our mission is to give our patients a wonderful experience and help them feel at ease, while serving at Venu's Dental.. ”


Phone: +91 9493219669

dr.venugopal.endodontist@gmail.comOffice: Kadapa

Education: MDS
(Conservative & Endodontics)

Areas of expertise:

Single Sitting Root canal Treatment & Esthetics ( 16 +yrs.)

Our Services ..

One of the ways you can ensure that your oral health is good is to come in for regular checkups and cleanings ..

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are valuable dental procedures used to treat and preserve teeth with badly infected roots.

Surgical Treatments

Tooth extractions are routine dental procedures used to remove decayed, damaged or otherwise problematic teeth

Painless wisdom teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth may need to be removed even if they have not yet caused any problems

Dental Implants

Dental implants may be used to replace a single missing or damaged tooth or to restore an entire smile.

Braces Treatment

Here you’ll receive a customized series of clear aligners that you’ll wear for at least 22 hours every day with out brackets and wires.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Venu's Dental have all the tools to improve your teeth and smiles with quick, painless and surprisingly affordable treatments.


Take a look at what our patients have to say about Venu's Family Dentistry ..
Personable, professional, comfortable. This was my first appointment with Bates dental and I went away feeling thoroughly pleased with the attention for my particular dental needs.

                                                                                                                                                                      - Prasad

I am very impressed with the friendliness and compassionate attitude of staff. The team of professionals displayed interest, listened, provided comfort and compassion at all times. The doctor was very educational and presented information with clear evidenced based assessment


Excellent top of the line service and technology. (STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT) Same day crown done no adjustments needed. I love them and their dedication to providing wonderful, informative services. Grateful to have the privilege of being their patient.


At Venu's Dental, we are happy to provide excellent dental care using the latest in dental technology at affordable prices.